Emergency You

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We work on the theory that a large percentage of people who get a job at a cinema do so to get an entry into Entertainment Technology. Shhh…It’s OK; we won’t tell anyone.

Entertainment technology is quite interesting and has been very good to a lot of fun people. Just don’t tell anyone that training you is all that we are really interested in. The industry needs interested and interesting people. Start out being interested about everything and soon you will be interesting.

There is nothing wrong with someone just taking a gig because you need the cash, or any other reason, of course. But, if you are interested in how all of the equipment around you turned from ideas into reality, keep doing well.

What does that all have to do with The Emergency?

Well, unfortunately, with more knowledge comes more responsibility. And no matter how one may try to prevent panic-inducing moments, sometimes they will happen.

At that moment it is knowledge and practice that needs to kick in. To panic gracefully when others around you are stunned or reaching the wrong conclusion about what happened or what needs to be done.

That is the point of this Series. Is the equipment in shape? What equipment? There’s a list somewhere right? Has it been tested, has it gone passed some due date even when its valve shows it is in the green?

This article is unfinished, waiting for someone with the time and ideas to put the finishing touches on…is that you?