Test EDR / HDR DCPs | Metri senza strumenti

6 nuovi set di file di prova sono stati caricati sul sito di download. Tutti affrontano i livelli di luce estremamente bassi della gamma dinamica estesa del cinema (Cinema HD) e si spera che siano utilizzabili anche con Cinema Standard Def.

Note: These are available and usable now…but after some testing they are being modified to be a little more user cuddly…labels being expanded, and the like. Fill out the form below if you want to know when the updates are available. Expect that to be on 13 July, after testing them again.

They all include scales of some sort (see the PNGs below). All include a range of  sets, some that can only be seen on extremely low light HDR / EDR projector systems and some probably only appropriate for P3 systems. The DCP will also include one or two sets that are in between those extremes…6% of each color going to 0% might be one extreme…while the other extreme is 1.5 – 0% of each color.

Si prega di sperimentare e fornire feedback.

In addition to seeing what can be seen, the purpose is to do the impossible: Provide a maintenance tool that, with regular use, can objectively show color and contrast stability or degradation in the projection system – without the use of expensive devices and usable by non-technical (though trained) personnel between calibrations.

Tutti sono descritti ulteriormente nelle loro pagine di download e nelle pagine dei file TIFF da cui derivano gli DCP. Sono limitati a 52,37 cd / m2.

Il codice di accesso per tutti i download è QA_b4_QC

10 scatole, 4 colori DCPS

Quadrante a contrasto rotante DCPS

Grey Steps Filled with Numbers

Misuratori di contrasto verticali DCP

The pointers to the following TIFFs are included until their DCP is created. Like the above they are 4096 x 2160. But the blocks are 1000 x 1000 pixels…therefore the “pictures” are 4000 x 2000 surrounded by black.

Da bianco a nero con squame

Primarie e secondarie con bilance

The DCPs were all created with 20 bit, 2020 Color Space TIFF files, which can also be downloaded and used in your own tests – the TIFF site is referenced in the DCP description or on this page: TIFF DCP

We are looking for and appreciative of any comments – obviously corrections needed, but also ideas to tweak the project forward. Training Lessons and Checklists will come after figuring out which slides are valuable for which systems.

Grazie. CJ Flynn.

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Un quadrante di rosso da 4.5% a 0% con tic 5 percent Solution Scope PNG Campione dei colori verdi con contorno

Gradini grigi x 40
Perfectly smooth the TIFF file is, excepting for the Mach Effect…but the key is in the numbers laid on top…which row can be seen by which system? …does it get worse with time? …dirty lens? …dirty port glass? …dirty screen?
Numbers laid onto the grey steps x 40
Which of these numbers can the test person see when these number are laid on top of the boxes…The top is 65353 (16 bits of white) x [Box Number] x .9999, the next is 65353 x BN x .999 and the 3rd is 65353 x BN x .99



4 immagini di diversi tipi di file di test
4 immagini di diversi tipi di file di test