Integrating ISO 9001 Quality Tools with “Pro from Dover” Practices

…a Virtuous Cycle – Responsible, Trained Employees / Effective Reports for Techs / Highly Satisfied Customers

A Cinema's Toolkit

– Online Lessons
– Online Check-lists
– Coordinated DCPs

Created especially for
the non-Technical
Cinema Manager
and Employees

Open Source | Free

A Systems Approach to Quality...

...Management, Control and Assurance

Online Lessons

For the interested and intelligent cinema employee...

To be able to take more responsibility for their auditoriums...

To be able to correctly identify problems,
communicate well with the audience,
and then their techs...

...Lessons in the basics.

The Lessons

Online Reports

The reports – the
Online Checklists –
systematically brings the talent through the details of the auditorium's systems.

Picture, Sound, Accessibility Equipment, Security

...all the wonderful items that must work to get the Director’s Intent on the screen

...and report the flaws to the techs.

The Report Forms

The DCPs

Objective: Find problems before your customers do.

Solution: An evolving set of DCPs that align with Online Checklists, and Online Lessons for continuous progress. Some DCPs with a few tests – short, direct – some DCPs elaborate with graphical lessons included.

... recommendations please...they say we're doing the impossible.

The DCPs

Free, Your Place or Ours...Plus a SaaSy Solution

SaaSy is a pun on Software as a Service, which is commonly known as SaaS.

We truly do mean free though. You can get your group going with the free service that you see online here; emails go to your techs and management, but there is no promise of privacy on an open site like this.

On the other hand, you can download the entire site and put it on your server. You can run it for free, change it as you want. That's what it means, Open Source and Free. There's a benefit to that too...the repository of reports, and the emails sent to techs and management, etc., are inherently private on your server and they will also be private when they are sent to your own Google Sheets site.

The SaaSy part is that, for a fee:

— We can also host it for you, which also gets the reports sent to your own private Google Sheets site or,

— We can help you set the site up on your server and help make changes or add services and lessons as we add them to other sites.

— And of course, your integrator is welcome to do this same work.

More as we work out any beta site transitions...please stay in touch.