Tuesday Sound – Managers Walk-Through Report Form

The DCP that you choose will have Sounds that relate to the questions below.

  1. Sit in a chair 2/3rds of the way back from the screen (See this link: Where to Judge The Auditorium for more information.)
  2. Get comfortable with your computer screen. Set it so it is dim, but readable.
Take a breathe – Ready?

  1. Tell the person in the projection room that you are ready – tell them the auditorium number, to be certain.
  2. Do well and learn more each time you do these checks.
  3. …and Thanks! for being Quality Active.

Auditorium Number

2024-06-20 16:37:39

Broken chair? Sticky or slippery floors? Lights not going all the way on or off? Rattles in the Air Conditioning? A weird smell? Floor LED problem? Screen damage?

Sound Quality — Position | Level | Clarity | Distortion

Sweep Tests – Low Frequency Tones

These tests will be at the sound level of a loud movie, 10 dB below than peak. Listen for rattles or other noises from the air conditioner or speaker chains or lamps.

Unwanted Noises?

Silence Measurement

Is the projector louder than it was previously? Someone needs to know.

Set your sound meter to C-Weighted and Slow. 15 seconds of silence.

C-weighted, Slow, using iOS program "dB Volume"

Mail is always sent to Management – Shall We Inform the Tech, or copy you?

Picture Quality — Contrast | Brightness | Color | Focus

This is not a major picture quality test – just check for obvious flaws that the customers might see.
Report anything in the comments section below.