Daily: Safety and Security, Projection Room

The constant needs of the job – creating a nice space for your customers to enjoy a movie and a nice work place at the same time – it means little things get put off …which turn into bigs things. Sometimes those things affect customer safety and movie security. Sometimes it is mistakes, sometimes it is malice. Sometimes it is just wear and tear – broken seats with sharp edges, lights that don’t go on in emergencies, ‘clever’ people who sneak in to steal a hard disk from the back room. Thus, the Safety and Security Checklists – Facility and Projection Room. With a little scheduled time each day, we will try to take care of the mistakes and the wicked.

On some checklists we just tell someone else about the problem and let them fix it. The same is true with this form:

Use your judgement!

DO NOT put yourself in danger.

Do not do anything that you are not trained for.  

Make certain that someone else knows that you are doing something out of the ordinary.

But: Don’t let a dangerous situation continue without taking safe measures to:

  1. protect the customers and
  2. get the situation handled quickly.

If you don’t know the company’s Policy for dangerous situation, learn it, practice it, and be prepared so that if something does happen, you can panic gracefully and perform well.

Daily Projection Room Walk Through Report Form

– This checklist deals with Safety and Security in the area of the Projection Room –

Do a complete pass through the entire area before checking the keys on the TMS.

Let's do this quickly and well. Thanks.

Emergancy Exits outside that were blocked? Sign boxes that were open which could hurt some kid running by? Lights in the hallway? Anything you forgot to mention before?
Have other staff been in the projection room already?
Were there any impediments in the normal walking area around the door that would cause a hazard, for example, if you were carrying something heavy and couldn't see all around you?
Things laid out for pick up? Equipment from some screening? Banners "stored" on the floor?
Something wrong or something on purpose. Even if convenient, is it right?
Around equipment? In the hallway to the Emergancy Exit? Amplifiers and bulbs piled everywhere? Unsafe, but #10 on the ToDo List?
While Turning on the Electricity and Amplifiers I noticed that indicate something is requesting attention. Which Projector Area? Remember: USPs batteries are critical for Emergancy Warning Systems. Be specific in your report.
What machine is trying to communicate a problem? Red? Amber? Yellow? Fast? Slow? Was there, then disappeared? Only happened when it was turn on? Not sure...report it anyway please.
This is what I saw...so I sign it.