Daily: Safety and Security, Facility Check

Could a tragedy happen here? We read about them happening “over there”. Was it bad luck or something that could have been avoided. Would we survive bad luck? Mistakes or malice. Wear and tear – broken seats with sharp edges, lights that don’t go on in emergencies, carpet tears that will catch a running shoe. This is the Safety and Security – Facility Checklist. With a little scheduled time each day, we will try to take care of the mistakes and the wicked.

On some checklists we just tell someone else about the problem and let them fix it. With this form:

Use your judgement!

Don’t put yourself in danger.

Don’t do anything that you are not trained for.  

Make certain that someone else knows that you are doing something out of the ordinary.

But: Don’t let a dangerous situation continue without taking safe measures to:

    1. protect the customers and
    2. get the situation handled quickly.

If you don’t know the company’s Policy for dangerous situation,

Learn it,

Practice it, and

Be prepared

so if something happens, you panic gracefully and handle the situation.