Accessibilitat de dijous: Formulari d’informe informatiu de gestió

Hey! Hi! This is a placeholder for the actual Accessibility Test. Please note in the comments whether you can help make this complete. Thanks.

These tests will require that you test the Accessibility Equipment

  1. At the spot where they are stored and charged,
  2. In the auditoriums to see if the equipment at the projector and the equipment sample that you test is actually working.
Remember the two criteria for testing:

  1. Test as if you were testing for your sister or mother or best friend.
  2. People have to wear this equipment for the length of the movie – would it be comfortable for you for 2 hours?

Número de l’auditori

2020-07-09 13:34:43

Cadira trencada? Terres enganxosos o relliscosos? Les llums no s’encenen o s’apaguen? Rattles a l’aire condicionat? Una olor estranya? Problema del LED del pis? Dany de la pantalla?

Test One - Subtítols i subtítols - Posició | Cronologia | Claridad | Distorsió

Utilitzeu la prova "Voldria llegir-les durant dues hores".

Esquerra a esquerra, dreta a dreta o centrada. i no inclinat.
Complet o com un telèfon dolent?