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The adventure of discovery into properties of light and sound provide the Cinema Exhibition Industry new tools to translate the Director’s Intent into some new way to communicate with their audience…our mutual audience.

The latest in this march has been laser light based projectors. The range of betterment for the customer is richer blacks in some cases (most notably shown in the Dolby Vision demo), and more stable light levels (because the cycle of new and old xenon bulbs, among other reasons) and more efficient conversion of electricity from the wall into the creation of the light itself means less CO2 creation and ultimately lower costs.

But there are several things that we will learn about here. No particular order or reason, just random interesting presentations.


I came late to the cinema exhibition world, beginning with installations and training and marketing and quality assurance in 2002 with the film to digital transition all over the EU, and even China – from Sligo to Shenzhen is the catchphrase I use. It was a great time with great people. This project is my way to give some of that back.

History and Fate have led to this point, working in the audio recording business in the 70s during its initial transition to digital, in computer automation for audio consoles and other high end gear in the 80s and 90s, then in video equipment as it went from heavy iron to digital.

And then somehow being a projectionist at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals in the early 2000s and making certain that systems were set up properly for a manufacture who had to report to DCI and doing bug-searches and white papers and, it has been fun.


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