Manager’s Walk Through – Online Audio and Picture Test

Hi; these Checklists (and their DCPs) are being replaced for the new Checklists that only check one feature (Sound | Picture | Accessibility Equipment, etc.) at a time. That way they are easier to use, and there is more time to get the proper report to the tech support people. This is OK, but you should know that it has already changed.

Monday: CleanUp Report Form

Tuesday Sound – Managers Walk-Through Report Form

Wednesday Picture – Managers Walk-Through Report Form

Thursday Accessibility – Managers Walk-Through Report Form

Monthly Emergency Equipment Walk Through Report Form

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to penetrate the highly nuanced Audio and Picture technology surrounding you, to systematically locate and report any failures that could make the audience experience less than what you promise.

Ready? Settled? Did you choose a DCP yet? Click the walkie-talkie, ask them to check:

Is the audio level at “7”?

Is the projector set to “Flat, 2D”

OK – Hit “Play”. Let’s Do This Thing.

[If you realize that you don’t understand how to do something, or what something means, — review the lessons on the Cinema Test Tools website. — And, ask questions using the Contact Form. — Keep doing the best you can, each time learning a little more – nobody was born with this knowledge. — The film makers appreciate it, your customers appreciate it. (Yeah, really. I was just talking to them. They used your name!)]

Manager's Walk Through Report Form – Audio and Picture

Auditorium Number

2024-06-20 15:53:48

Broken chair? Sticky or slippery floors? Lights not going all the way on or off? Rattles in the Air Conditioning? A weird smell? Floor LED problem? Screen damage?

Sound Quality — Position | Level | Clarity | Distortion

Unwanted Noises?

Picture Quality — Contrast | Brightness | Color | Focus

C-weighted, Slow, using iOS program "dB Volume"