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Align1 – 4K

Align1 is stolen from a technician’s dream, then modified for the non-technical user.

The 4K version of this test tool is being remade. Not Available Now.

Its simplicity hides a wonderful secret. Each time it is seen and heard, the user gains a little bit more ability to distinguish more of what their perceptions are gathering. Eventually their eyes will be like those of a professional colorist, seeing tints in the grey, or distortion in a tone, as a golden ear’d audiophile would. And with other lessons, others of these Manager’s Walk Through Series, they’ll learn how to describe what they perceive to the tech in an efficient way.

Good luck to us all.

This Vimeo link has a Quicktime file that shows the basics of the DCP, except that the subtitles are burned into the QT file.
Align1_wSubs from CJ Flynn on Vimeo.