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Report Form – Manager’s Walk Through

Hi. This is the download page for the original paper version of the Manager’s Walk Through Checklist.

Please take a look at the Online Version. It has evolved to cover many more items, much more fluidly. And like the online version, the form is to be used in conjunction with most all of the Managers Walk Through DCPs – download from that link.

And now! Even these are superseded.

The new checklists are action specific. There is one for Sound, one for Picture and one for Accessibility Equipment checks. Use the pull downs under Checklists on the top right of this page to access them.

The paper version will be changed sometime – please volunteer if you have the time!

It is nice to have a checklist to run through as you examine your auditorium, to remind you of something that you might forget, or to make detailed notes for the tech who needs as much refined information as possible.

However you use it, please let us know if there is something we left out, something that would make the form more efficient for you.

Let us know, successes and suggestions for improvement are what we live for.

Thanks and enjoy everything.

There is no pass code for this document. Just go through the human-verifier, the it will automatically download.