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New SMPTE Pink Noise Tones; 7.1

Around the room, with a 3 dB pan law as the sound travels between the speakers; Left, Center, Right, Right Surround, Right Rear, Left Rear, Left Surround, then back to Left, then a long stop at the LFE.

All done with the new SMPTE Digital Pink Noise algorithm at the proper level (that is, not -20 dB.)

In fact, for reasons that won’t be stated here, the new SMPTE Pink is set for -18.5 dBFS. This is the level for this DCP, except that the surrounds are at -21.5 dBFS. That allows someone to listen all the way through the room.

The length of the LFE is twice as long as the others.

Download passcode is QA_b4_QC

Let us know what you think.

Oh, and the ProTools files to make these are at:
SMPTE Rotating Pink; ProTools Files