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SMPTE Pink Noise and Tones – LFE

This DCP is 2 minutes long. It repeats the same SMPTE 2095 band-limited pink noise and tones 2 times. …and only on channel 4, the traditional LFE channel.
First is 30 seconds of band limited pink noise (Highpass filter cutoff frequency 10 Hz, Lowpass filter cutoff frequency 500 Hz).
Following that is 5 seconds each of 27.5 Hz, 55 Hz, 110 Hz, 220 Hz, 440 Hz and 880 Hz.

…all at -30 dB and again, only on Channel 4, the LFE track.

Why? Just another tool. An essential use is to get a different read on the LFE that full band-width might confuse. The extra tones might let you discover that the band pass of the LFE are letting in frequencies that shouldn’t be there and are playing havoc with the screen channels and surrounds.

The audio is accompanied by slides of various black and white gradient ramps against various black, white and grey backgrounds.
As always, the passcode is QA_b4_QC

And, as always, please let us know your ideas and needs for tech DCPs

Pink and Tones – Audacity shot of the track for layout



Pink and Tones – Audacity shot of the Pink Noise frequency rolloff

Align1 – 2K

Align1 is stolen from a technician’s dream, then modified for the non-technical user.

Its simplicity hides a wonderful secret. Each time it is seen and heard, the user gains a little bit more ability to distinguish more of what their perceptions are gathering. Eventually their eyes will be like those of a professional colorist, seeing tints in the grey, or distortion in a tone, as a golden ear’d audiophile would. And with other lessons, others of these Manager’s Walk Through Series, they’ll learn how to describe what they perceive to the tech in an efficient way.

Good luck to us all. This is the 2K SMPTE Compliant version. Don’t forget to download the checklist~!

Let’s see what happens with this Vimeo attempt at the quicktime file…


Align1_wSubs from CJ Flynn on Vimeo.