2 Percent

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2 Percent

If you want the great CST files from which this was inspired, go to: http://www.cst.fr/produits-et-services/mires-numeriques/
–––N.B.––– Remember that these are 25 fps, which is fine of course, but some projectors can get confused when mixing speed in the same playlist.

Meanwhile, this is a 2020 4K TIFF, soon to be made into a DCP for testing.

[Ouch...just discovered that these are not 2020!, but rather IEC 61966-2-1:1999 instead – sRGB! Grrr...enjoy these for now until they get changed.]

The Siemens Stars may have started out with some correctly relatable dimension at one time, but there are no promises. (Turns out that they are diameter 450 pixels for the 4K size, which relates to nothing.) Even the 2% markings are inexact since they have to be made to align with those micro-mirrors or LEDs...and so goes science – as the great Focusrite ad said decades ago, Appropriate Compromise.

Send suggestions. Ah, and of course, password equals QA_b4_QC

PS – There is a Black and White Star version as well.

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Colors on a black background that also checks the sides in a colorful manner.

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