ANSI 3×3 Flat and Scope Luminance Test DCP

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ANSI 3x3 Flat and Scope Luminance Test DCP

This download expands into 2 DCPs, one for Flat (Constant Width) and one for Scope (Constant Height) Screens.

They follow the concepts of RP98 and ANSI IT7.228-1997 for Audiovisual Systems – Electronic Projection – Fixed Resolution Projectors, with 9 targets, one each at the  edges and corners. There is one major change though.

To diminish the effects of flare and glare in the measuring devices that can add as much as 10% to a reading, these slides use a constrained measuring spot.

The spots are sized so that measuring devices with a 2° aperture can easily be used from a distance that is 3 screen heights back. [Technically, the spots are the width dimension divided by 10 in diameter.]

Preceding the measurement slide is a slide that acts as a targeting slide, grey in color with blue pointers so that the measuring person doesn't have to stare into a white space to get the device set.

The passcode for downloading is QA_b4_QC

Both DCPs are 20 seconds long and consist of two slides, on the presumption that one can stop the DCP for a moment while aiming and  measuring.

Point your instruments at the center of the target.

At 2 screen heights back the targets are about 5.25°, and at 3 screen heights back the spots are about 3.5°. Theory is that they would be fine for devices that measure with a 2° aperture. Please report back if this doesn't work for you, or, are they far to large – can you get along with a smaller spot?

The second slide is 9 target spots in the same place as you targets. Measure your luminance values from these points on the screen.

Some will wonder, how do these compare to the spots created for the NATO luminance testing. Those were sized so that the total number of pixels that are lit up equal 10% of the total pixels in a scope or flat screen.

These DCP slides are a touch bigger since the target sizes refer to the width of the screen (W/10). So, in case of the Scope the 9 spots light up 16.9% of the 2048 x 858 space. In case of the Flat, the number of pixels lit are 12.8% of the 3996 x 2160 space.

3x3 ANSI Luminance test patterns
3x3 ANSI Luminance test patterns, Scope and Flat

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