Grey Steps, Filled with Numbers

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Grey Steps, Filled with Numbers

This DCP is one minute of 4 rows of 4K Grey Boxes. Left to right, each block is 10% less than the previous. Top to bottom, each block is 2.5% less than the one above. These should actually be easy to distinguish on any well tuned digital projector.

What is unique is that within each box is 3 rows of numbers that give the percentage of White in each box. So, the top left box says "100" 3 times. Each instance of 100 is different though. The top is 65353 (16 bits of white) x 1.0(the Box Number) x .9999 [=65,528], the next is 65353 x 1.0 x .999 [=65,469] and the 3rd is 65353 x 1.0 x .99 [=64,480]. The next to the right is the same but substitute the 1.0 for .90 [=58976, 58,923, 58,392], while the one below you substitute .975 instead of 1.0 as the Box Number [=63,890, 63,833, 63,258].

The trick is to see if these numbers show up on a screen. Obviously an experiment and we would appreciate everyone telling us of their experience...with thanks to you.

The new version uploaded on 1 August 2019 exposes one column from the right, until the entire piece is exposed in order to allow people to see without the glare from the whites on the left side. ...oh, and it starts with 30 secs of dark so that the eyes can take better advantage of the dark.

The passcode is QA_b4_QC

The TIFF files are at: GreyStepScales TIFFs

These are the numbers that are laid on top of the squares...can your system produce differences for some or most of them?

Numbers above grey steps x 40

Grey Steps x 40

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