NATO Luminance Tests – Scope

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NATO Luminance Tests – Scope

This package opens into several DCPs, which are the NATO Luminance 2D and 3D Test Slides (Scope). There is other packages of Scope DCPs and Picture DCPs, located NATO Luminance Tests – Flat and ___Picture___(). The passcode is QA_b4_QC

Why a Checklist?

The slides for these tests are to be shown in a specified order, with specified instructions, according to a checklist. This allows the technician making the measurements to go from targets to test pattern quickly, accurately, and without burning their eyes out. The checklist is also a worksheet that allows the testing person to yell out the light level information in a pattern that is efficient, and which then can be evaluated more easily later. You can find and download that checklist by clicking this link – ___NATO Luminance Test Checklist____.

Why These Slides?

After many iterations, the basic parameters became – to duplicate on screen the amount of light that is typically present in the average movie frame, which most analysis believes is about 10%. It was also important to limit the amount of light coming into the measuring device, because a full screen of white light bounces around in the lenses and gives errors. Finally, it was noticed that giving targets makes it easier and quicker and less painful for the technician to aim their devices. Finally, by releasing these slides into the general technical population, we hope to get data from around the world about what is really happening on screen. There is a lot more information, which you can read in the Prelude to the Checklist. The download for this 2.7 GigaByte file is triggered by clicking the Blue Button, then putting in the passcode, then clicking the button that appears afterwards. If there is a problem, please let me know at [email protected] The passcode is QA_b4_QC