Monday CleanUp

Do this to make sure things don’t get out of hand…

That weekend rush...never enough time to handle all the 'stuff'.

Things get put aside, waiting for time to put them away properly.

Organization is having enough places to put things – we must be missing places to put things!

Now is the time…

Do not let yourself become distracted. This is one important thing. Do this well.

If the place gets close to clean, it will stay clean. If it becomes OK to lay things around, then it is harder to clean next week.

If it is too much stuff, or not enough places, recommend a special team project.

…and Thanks! for being Quality Active.

Monday Clean Up – 15 Minutes

OK; maybe 20 max – A good, quick cleaning pass, put things away, clean up the dust and debris from on top of racks and projectors and desk and floor.

Dangerous Obstruction or other unsafe condition?

Grab the dusting feather thing, and while you make certain that nothing is on top of any rack or projector, give a quick pass to keep the dust down.

Don't clean the port glass, but note down which ones are dirty.

The same with the lenses – should a task force be sent to clean them or the 3D equipment?

Dust on the port window and lens can cut down the light level on the screen by 10%. Wasted electricity, and sad customers.

I did these things. I dusted and noted what areas need more attention.
Things that need attention