mp4 Samples of Managers Walk Through Series DCPs

The following mp4 files are taken from the same sources as the free DCPs available for the non-technical cinema manager, the ones used to check the cinema auditorium. The only difference is that the sub-titles are burned into these QuickTime files. In the DCPs, the sub-titles are a file that the server and projector use to create the sub-titles. Perhaps the higher compression shows bands in the greys as well, but on the big screen they should look and sound fabulous.

This first sample is derived from the site, to give a bit of interesting “other” after using the Align1 and Faces1 DCPs.

The second sample is Faces1. It begins by reminding us that even if our eyes will adjust to nearly any condition, we can judge subtle problems with color and contrast in faces no matter the situation.

The third is the a set of slides that look at every aspect of color and grey and resolution, Align1.

All three use two sets of tones – high pitch and low – in different states of clarity and distortion to help evaluate the audio in the auditorium as well.

Finally, there is a checklist that the person inspecting the room can use to remind them of the different things to look for and communicate to the technician who cares for the room, and a reminder that it is changes that are being looked for, not some impossible absolute.

Questions, suggestions, corrections, ideas, inspirations and offers to put the sub-titles or the narration into different languages can be sent to [email protected] – Thank you.

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