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xkcd1080 – 4K – Fun Color Science for Cinema

There is one moment during this DCP when you will think – That guy crazy~! I can see the red and purple over in the corners of my sight…but wait for it! If you stare at the middle for a few more than a few seconds the purple loses its red and the colored parts of the logo in the bottom corner turns grey. None of it means anything, of course, except to learn that what the eyes transmit to the brain is a constantly moving mosaic of segments that are stitched together in the brain.

Use the passcode QA_b4_QC

It is just, Fun Science. Take a peek of the quicktime movie of the DCP, which are complete with the subtitles. The DCP that you download includes subtitles derived from an xml file. In other words, they are not burned in, but will be created by the projector.

6) Measuring – Sound

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Since there are many goals and purposes for this project, there are many things that need to be done. Training is high on the list. Practice should be high on the list…but who has the time!?!?
Perhaps you don’t have the a friendly tech or projectionist to

  • download DCPs onto a USB drive and
  • load them into the Media Player/Projector system and
  • make a nice playlist,

You can still download some audio and light measuring tools, and experiment and practice with them until you can use them easily in a dark room.  Continue reading “6) Measuring – Sound”