10 boxes, 4 colors DCPS

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10 boxes, 4 colors DCPS

This DCP is created from the TIFF files at: 4 Colors, 10 Boxes TIFFs . Read the description there.

It starts out with the easy ones, the 10%-1% slides...5 seconds a piece. All colors, first without outlines, then with outlines – the thinking is that the outlines after might help to discern exactly which box is the last box that you can see a color from.

Then the 1% to 0.1%, then the last from 0.1% to 0.001%, which ends with only 7 units of color out of 65,535 units of color. I have no way to test how the DCP creation actually handles this, so please let us know.

It is very likely that many systems will only be able to see one set. Give it a whorl and help us decide how to make a package appropriate for many situations.

Music is by Jeff Mikusky who created this piece. The attempt is to give enough percussiveness and frequency from an acoustic piano to give a good (and pleasant) test for speakers. Further recommendations will be great.

As always, the pass code is QA_b4_QC

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