10 Boxes, 4 Colors TIFFs

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10 Boxes, 4 Colors TIFFs

Once more, an attempt to see what can be seen in HDR / EXR projector systems – then to find which tests can be used to notice any degradation in the system.

This set started out complying with the classic SMPTE required RP 431-2 set of blocks going across. These also have a smooth gradient going across the bottom. Then, instead of just Greys, these also have pluges and boxes of Reds, Greens and Blues in many different luminance values.

There are 3 sets. One starts at 10% luminance and goes to 1%.

To explain, the square on the right is at 65,535 (16 bits) divided by 10. Actually, as it says at the bottom, it is 65,535 (which is the number of 16 bits per color) divided by 100, then multiplied by the number in the box. So, the left box is 655 and the right box is 6554.

The 2nd set starts at 1% on the right and goes to 0,1% on the left. That is, 655 on the right and 66 on the left.

The 3rd set starts at 0,1% on the right and goes down to 0.01% on the left. So, yes, you figured it out...66 on the right and 7 on the left.

And, because you are all such fun people, each slide as an identical slide, with the added feature of an outline around the boxes. Not so important for the bright ones (10%-1%) but very nice to have for the other sets.

That goes on for Red, Green and Blue in addition to the Black. And as a bonus if you download NOW! a special for you only, all four on the same slide.


There is actually a sample in that black morass below. I tried to make a Rec 709 PNG at 6554 - 655 with the outline – it may barely show on your screen. Well, hope you get the idea.

So, this is the 4th of this series, attempting to find an objective measurement technique to quantify changes.

As always, QA_b4_QC

The DCP is at: 10 Boxes, 4 Colors DCPs

Sample of the Green colors with outline

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