Freq Wavelengths

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Freq Wavelengths

We all know the speed of light, right? Oui? Or Si? …no, just plain 'c'.

But take the Frequency of the color Orange in hertz (or Hz or actually …what is that science number for trillion? Terahertz – meaning 12 zeros)) and multiply it by its wavelength (in meters, though so small that it is a zero, a decimal point then nine zeros – the science number is that hip number 'nano' – so, 500 Terahertz x 600 nanometers equals 300,000 meters per second.

And Blue is 666 x 1012 x 450 x 10-9 = 3.00 x 108 meters/second (that is 3 with 8 zeros, or 300,000,000 meters per second.) Approximately. 299,792,458 is the correct number, but it changes depending on what the light is going 300 thousand kilometers a second is good enough.

Sometimes you will see the chart going one way, with the size of the wave ascending (like this one does) and sometimes you will see it with the frequency of the wave ascending. No matter what, they will be linked together with the speed of light.

The TIFF files here are 4K (4096 not 3840 x 2160), 16 bit RGB in the 2020 color space.

This zip file is composed of 4 slides, the lower layer

    • the lower layer with the colors in their full monochromatic variation (without white or black added, though it should be noted that since the slide has an alpha channel that allows the background to leak through, that there is also a white layer below them – figuring that this would be shown on a white screen anyway),
    • one slide of black on the bottom in a gradient to white on the top that when laid over in Hard Light mode (not Screen) creates the variation of the color space (presuming that the white point is declared, which is D65),
    • one with the numbers and
    • one with the title.

Hope you learn or teach and have as much fun using this as I had making it.

Some future version will have the eV of the photons as they descend as the wavelength gets longer.

The passcode is QC_b4_QA

Frequency and Wavelength of LightSpectrum in a JPEG


energy (eV)

violet (limit) 3.10

blue 2.75

cyan 2.48

green 2.25

yellow 2.14

orange 2.06

red 1.91

red (limit) 1.77




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